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The Map Store Of Minnesota Presents:

The Naturalist Globe

14" By 

National Geographic

The Naturalist
14 inch


    National Geographic globe story



Shipping, Packing & Insurance

$ 25.00

Note from Bob "This is a new Manufacture of Globes."

A spectacular new globe for the 21st Century! This new, state-of-the-art, illuminated, 14"-diameter globe is the ultimate in National Geographic cartography and quality. It's actually two globes in one! With the light off, it shows the political world with a wealth of highly accurate information; with the light on, the physical world in colorful hand-drawn relief. It features an exciting new color palette and 18 layers of cartographic precision printed on special stretchable material that won't wear off. Shock resistant and virtually unbreakable. The Naturalist has a semimeridian consisting of 16 layers of natural beech wood, hand-laminated together, and bent to curve around the globe. The semimeridian and beechwood base are hand-polished with natural beeswax. 17"H.


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