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World Map details:

We call these brightly colored maps "Halloween Maps" because of the bright orange and black colors. Our customers really like these maps because they are so startling and make allot of noise where ever they hang. These world maps look great in offices, dens, reception areas and broad rooms.

The bright colors create political maps that have a non-traditional look, while maintaining an accurate, up-to-date portrait of the world.

This map is also available Framed in a beautiful Gold colored frame. 

First, we take the laminated map and mount it to backing board that allows you to insert locating push pins on the map. It also makes the map firm and enhances the ink and makes the map look better.

Next, we mount the map in a very nice Gold colored frame. The frame is made for wall mounting and has a wire on the back that allows you to hang the framed map on any suitable wall with a nail or some other item that will hold up about 10 pounds.

Last, we carefully pack the map complete in a packing system we have developed to insure that the framed map arrives without damage. Additionally we insure the shipment just in case a forklift falls on it.    

Stock number IA2150L

SIZE: 54 x 30 INCHES.

World map Tyvek Laminated mounted
and framed
Shipping, Packing & Insurance $ 120.00

RAILS are walnut colored strips that are attached to the map at the top and bottom that allows the map to be rolled and shipped in a tube but is ready to hang on your wall. All you need to do is provide 2 hangers on your wall.

World map Tyvek Laminated with RAILS $109.99
Shipping, Packing & Insurance $ 9.00


Just the map


World map Tyvek Laminated $39.99
Shipping, Packing & Insurance $ 9.00



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