California Large Map by Raven 
100% Laminated with rails for wall hanging

"Worlds most beautiful maps" Wall Street Journal

California (Large)

California Large Map by Raven

100% Laminated with "rails" for wall hanging

Note from Bob: This map is laminated on both sides and the "rails" allow the map to be hung directly on hooks. The "rails" are walnut colored and are carefully attached to the top and bottom of the map so the map can be hung from hooks and also allows the map to be rolled and shipped in a tube. If you plan to mount the map, I would recommend that you purchase the map just laminated as the rails will have to be removed for mounting and framing the map.
The lamination allows the maps to be used and somewhat abused which adds to the long term life of the map.
This also makes the map waterproof, tearproof, markable, wipeable, and should last and last and last.
Buy one for yourself, your best friend and your library. A lasting gift.

This map is also available Framed in a beautiful Gold colored frame. 
First, we take the laminated map and mount it to backing board that allows you to insert locating push pins on the map. It also makes the map firm and enhances the ink and makes the map look better.
Next, we mount the map in a very nice Gold colored frame. The frame is made for wall mounting and has a wire on the back that allows you to hang the framed map on any suitable wall with a nail or some other item that will hold up about 10 pounds.
Last, we carefully pack the map complete in a packing system we have developed to insure that the framed map arrives without damage. Additionally we insure the shipment just in case a forklift falls on it.     
MAP Laminated with a Gold 
colored frame
$ 372.50
Shipping, Packing & Insurance $ 120.00







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Map details:

Maps must be accurate, but they should also be beautiful. Raven's state maps were prepared using base materials originally produced by the U.S. Geological Survey for their definitive 1:250,000
scale series. These extremely detailed bases identify thousands of features, such as even minor lakes and streams ignored by most maps. Raven Maps brings the U.S.G.S. materials up to date with current roads and reservoirs. We then go far beyond the originals by adding color tints to depict elevation. The colors progress from greens at lower elevations, through yellows and browns, to grey and finally white at the highest altitudes in the mountainous states. This sequence of color steps replaces the abstraction of contour lines with a graphic picture of elevation and,
in combination with the relief shading, of the entire landform. (On the Hawaii map, the technique is extended to the ocean floor, with a startlingly three-dimensional look.)

SCALE: 1:750,000

MAP 100% Laminated
with "rails"
$ 120.00
Shipping, Packing & Insurance $ 12.00


MAP 100% Laminated $ 50.00
Shipping, Packing & Insurance $ 9.00


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California (Large)



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